Mithridate’s SS21 collection entitled ‘Anthropocene’ was digitally brought to life in a recent shoot in Dover. 

The collection focuses on the fragility, vulnerability, and beauty of our world’s life forms, threatened by the Anthropocene era of unprecedented human impact on the environment and planet, represented through three key stories; ‘ Oceanic, ‘Humanity’ and ‘Wild Landscape’.

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The set stylist Karen Binns, who also styled the LFW Serpentine Gallery shoot, stated; “The Mithridate collection for ss21 explores the nature around us, it takes us on a journey to redefine our dreams and through different genres of our daily life… from recycled fatigue fabrics to chiffon, it allows you to move between your masculine and feminine self.”

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The  Oceanic collection features faded blues and whites, deeply inspired by the indirect harm Man has implemented on our Oceans, causing suffering to the fish and the bleaching of the delicate coral that was once full of vibrancy and life. Zhang focused on the intricate textures of our oceans which can be seen through contrasting layers of embroidery, lace and flowing asymmetric shapes.





The Humanity range captures nature in spring when left untouched: full of vibrant, joyous colour, rich floral smells and thriving wildlife. Zhang focuses on the patterns and embroidery of wild animals and flowers, pastel shades offset with bold blacks, browns and yellows, alongside the metallic brilliance of insect shells and wings incorporated through glittering embellishments and beaded embroidery.

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Wild Landscape:

The Wild Landscape collection features gold detailing, structured shapes and rich greens with a captivating illustration of the “Airplane Graveyard,” located within an inaccessible forest near Moscow, Russia. Demonstrating the power of nature when undisturbed by man, growing trees have swallowed up the wings and persistent weather has exposed the remnants of machinery to become the bones of the forest.







The location was a strategic decision to highlight the diversity and sublime nature of our environment whilst showcasing the desperation for change as the human race balances on the cliff edge, the point of no return, over the exploitation of the natural world. The collection was shot across the five mile stretch of the Kent coastline, amongst the greenery and rocks and upon the chalk cliffs overlooking the ocean.  

Not only is the location a magnificent backdrop, but also a symbolic ode to the history and strength emitted from the cliffs. The intimidating cliff wall worked as a protective barrier from intruders for centuries and houses many intricate tunnel systems used in various wars. But the Cliffs of Dover for many represent peace and new beginnings as it is often the first landmark seen when arriving in Britain and is the first place in the country to welcome the rising sun and New Year. This symbolism plays on the Anthropocene theme through its plea for change and the hope to harmoniously coexist with nature in the future.


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Photographer: Aleksandra Klicka
Videographer: Daniel Sims
Stylist: Karen Binns
Hair: Johanna Cree-Brown/Gary Represents
Make Up: Emma Miles
Models: Emigdielys Samaniego & Harry Westcott
Casting: Emma Somper/Gary Represents
Production: Blonstein Productions
Creative Direction: CP Concept