Meet GIRLSBOYSGODS; Paige Doe & Hugo Malien, the duo behind the Art, Styling & Creative Projects team.

Paige: We are is a small team of 2 – me and my partner Hugo. We both studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins nearly a year ago now. We actually only met on the last day, during the set-up of our graduation show (!) Since then we’ve worked together on a number of personal projects, from producing and selling art -to- renovating vintage furniture for our home studio. We’ve always been active with our creativity, so it was a natural progression to start introducing ourselves to other creatives, typically designers, in hopes to collaborate.

What was the creative process behind conceptualising this shoot?

Paige : I think it’s safe to say we both instantly fell in love with Mithridate’s collection, so we really wanted our vision to match our affection. In doing so, we ended up mood-boarding a few different ideas until the right one manifested; throughout our creative process we attempted to mirror many of Mithridate’s already-existing themes … almost as if we were entering a gallery full of art, and figuring out how our work could be included.

Hugo : Whenever we work with a designer we really try to compliment their style against our own ‘signature’. In a lot of our work, we tend to focus on small and fine details which I think Mithridate also captures upon fabric. It was almost like completing the process backwards, starting with cropped images of selected pieces (from Mithridate) and building a narrative from there.


What made you choose the location, model, theme etc?

Paige : We took a large amount of influence from a selection of images from Mithridates recent runway show, ‘Where art meets fashion’; We wanted to adopt the same goose-bump like feeling, so we opted for locations that suggested this similar balance of strength and tenderness. The traditional dance studio highlighted the idea of growth and perseverance, and the second location, the classical architecture from one of London’s infamous national parks, for its clear romanticism.

Hugo : We wanted to capture Mithridates ‘Muse’ as well as we possibly could. Kelly, who we had worked with before, seemed like the perfect fit. She encapsulated a well-defined image of strength and femininity. Implementing themes just naturally fell into place after this.


How were you able to translate Mithridate, as a brand, artistically?

Hugo : The AW20 collection speaks for itself … We’re really excited to see upcoming work for seasons to come … We believe Mithridate has such a strong identity, that it would be hard not to encapsulate what they really stand for in our own work. Given the amount of trust and freedom we were granted, it’s incredibly rewarding seeing our own artistic expression entwined with that of Mithridates.


How did you find the AW20 pieces from Mithridate’s collection?

Paige : The craftsmanship of Mithridate’s collection is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. There is a clear attention to detail, with an ever-so-romantic nod to delicacy and care. I don’t think true pleasing design comes around that often, so there is an enormous amount of pride knowing we’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with such an honorable brand.

Hugo : Just so beautiful, like wearable art. There really are no other words. Given the opportunity, we would be honoured to handle and work with such charming pieces again.


Paige & Hugo: @girlsboysgods

Model: @kel_king